Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making Waves, Korean Style

So, I haven't perhaps been as diligent about his blog as I might have liked but this definitely seemed worth posting. Last week all the Taebaek English Teachers (including myself) were required to attend a Korean Contest. Since most of us speak very little Korean, we were understandably somewhat hesitant about the whole thing turned out to be very casual (and pretty easy). We gave a couple pre-written speeches and filled out some multiple-choice quizzes. Unbeknownst the the Korean organizers of the event though, I and some of the other English teachers got together and practiced a little performance, which you can see in all it's off-tempo glory here:

Obviously we're not going to be getting any gigs with our dance and Korean-singing skills, but apparently someone was impressed:

Look who's front and center! Man. Now when things are bad at least I can say "I'm famous in Korea."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a shame!

Although this "informational" cartoon originates in China the sentiments expressed are pretty close to what you'll find here in Korea. Enjoy!