Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Right Coast!

It is amazing how horrible and drained you can feel from sitting in a chair, motionless, for a long period of time so long as that chair happens to be in the coach cabin of an airliner.

In any case, despite diverse trials and tribulations mostly involving cruel and unusual quantities of waiting, I have made it back the East Coast. This is largely due to the kindness of certain people who have provided succor to this vagabond- you know who you are! I will take this opportunity to re-iterate my thanks.

Now for the hard part- acquiring employment until the U.S. Navy decides to ship me off to parts unknown (Illinois).

My grandmother collapsed, apparently from heat-stroke, yesterday. As such my immediate plans have been set aside and I'm entraining for Bernardsville to see her. This was not the news I was hoping to find waiting for me back on the East Coast.

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