Sunday, January 17, 2010

Taiwan Revisited, Part VII: Conclusion

The exciting (not really) conclusion to my Taiwan adventures. See the complete flickr set here.
Hi Angel,

After a subway, a train and an aeroplane I am finally here in the Seoul International Airport, waiting for the second-to-last leg of my journey to begin (bus to Taebaek, then taxi to apt) and writing to my baby so far away.

I've missed you so much these past few days. Wandering around a foreign city alone, contrary to whatever you may think, is not the cure for a lonely heart. I'm going to turn on my skype when I get home at night and I hope you'll call me when you wake-up tomorrow. I would very much like to hear your voice.

Yesterday was pretty mild but enjoyable, and a solid conclusion to my trip. It was raining so I stayed in and watched Rounders, which is an excellent film about card sharks with Matt Damon and Edward Norton. Then, after we spoke, I took the scooter out and tried to find a mountain pathway that Simon had heard (second hand) was worth driving along. I didn't end up finding it, but I did wander into several sets of military guards with heavy weaponry. They had no idea where the road was either.

After abandoning that ambition I tooted (scootered? puttered?) my way down to the Harbour, where I was to meet Simon to visit the tearoom at the old British Consulate. Despite getting horrendously lost (a constant feature of your Love's travels both at home and abroad) I got there about an hour early and spent that time contemplating the ocean (purdy) and taking short walks to warm my blood. The Consulate was a bit of a dissapointment, unfortunately. The "tearoom" the guidebok mentioned was merely an outdoor deck-style cafe with a counter and, unfortunately, a kareoke machine. Simon and I made it though some caterwauling while enjoying the tea luncheon, which they did have, in the tiered dish style for which I have such affection. It was a bit of a muted time because Simon's Grandfather had just passed away. He was failing all week and so Simon has been trying to wrangle an emergency trip home while trying to get constant updates from his parents. So, he wasn't exactly bubbling over with joy. Afterwards we went to a giant bizarre department store where we bought supplies for the Stenciling Party Simon had organized for my last evening. It was actually pretty fun. I met a bunch of Simon's friends plus saw some again that we'd hung out with over the week. I also made a tank-top that I'll take a picture of for you when I get home.

By the way, I finally saw Avatar a couple nights ago, in 3D. I don't know if you saw it in 3D, I can only surmise from your mild review of it you did not, because I thought it was totally amazing. Aside from the obvious storyline, thinly veiled speechifying and occasional silliness I have to say, with absolute convinction, that is was perhaps the best movie-going experience of my entire life. And I mean that percisely--it was a movie which came to it's full potential on the big-screen, in 3D, and seemed absolutely suited to those elements. It was visual thrilling and stunning and if it was perhaps all spectacle it was one of the best spectacles I've ever seen. Baby, if you haven't seen it in 3D don't walk, RUN to a movie theatre and see it again.


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