Tuesday, March 30, 2010

People of Korea... and otherwise.

Hey guys. This week hasn't been very rich for lighthearted autobiographical material so instead here are some sketches. First and foremost: a drawing I did of my friend Hyun Ja, who is featured so much in these strips.

Hyun Ja

She looks pretty focused here but that's because she was trouble-shooting some computer problem when I was drawing her. Normally she is very animated. Anyway, I though some of you might like to see what one of my stick-figure people looks like in real life.

I've also been doing a fun little side-project this past week drawing ridiculous hipsters off LATFH.com (it stands for "Look At his F*cking Hipster"). My webcomic is set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn so I like to keep up to date with hipster fashion. It doesn't really pertain to this blog but maybe some of you will enjoy them:


Click for a larger view.

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