Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In which apartments are habitated and puppies are visited.

Moving is a royal pain. While hardly a daring statement, it's undeniably true and today was no exception. Everything which went wrong could- for instance, I ran my cell phone through the laundry. My mother, lovely lady that she is, bought me some Ikea furniture- and when we arrived, I learned that the neighbors had put out a massive pile of the SAME Ikea furniture for free on the corner. However, despite these petty annoyances, it all worked out. Two hours of rebus- based Swedish furniture manufacture later, my room was complete in what is... The Best Apartment in Union City! (it says this on a plaque above the door, signed by the last 3 mayors and President Gerald Ford.) My rent is hyper-reasonable, the neighborhood is that sort of cute, family-oriented multiethnic kind of place which has cheap rooms and safe streets. I'm a block away from the seething pleasure-pits of Hoboken, half an hour from Manhattan, and am literally enmeshed in a web of convenient bus and train routes. The local pizza is exquisite.

On top of that, I have a completely unblocked view of the Manhattan skyline from my bedroom window- and from the balcony off the kitchen. In fact, every room in the house has such a view! There is even a fat, adorable muskrat who I can see rooting around in the backyard looking pleased with himself, whom I can bear no ill will. Additionally, today I briefly played with a puppy! It's like karmic backlash for this morning's stress.

One of the bonuses I advertised to my roomates as a good reason to take me on was my technical proficiency, such as it is. Today, I got a chance to prove my bona fides, when I figured out why their wireless router doesn't work. The reason? It's not, in fact, a wireless router. That's why their signal was so bad.

Finally, I got to go for a run through Hoboken, which was an absolute pleasure. I will continue to champion "The Paris of New Jersey" as a title for that city, until such time as it enters the public consciousness.


  1. Hey! Good to know you're in my neck of the woods! We should definitely hang out sometime. My apartment's started looking less like an explosion of cardboard and DVD's and more like an actual habitable place. Give me a call!

  2. if it wasn't wireless, what was it? when I moved into my apartment in Bejing, the first thing I did was fix the wireless router settings. How funny that we should have these rights of passage.

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