Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Coming home from work today I was accosted by a bunch of very precocious little girls who ran across half an apartment complex to come talk to me. The biggest one couldn't have been older then nine and the littlest was probably five. The nine-year-old seemed to know only the phrases "my name is" and "oh my god" so our conversation stalled out pretty early on. Meanwhile the littlest one kept running behind me and jumping up to touch my braid. We continued our conversation ("My name is! My name is! Oh my god!") up the road to my apartment building and up three flights of stairs before her mom finally called her to come back outside. A couple minutes later I heard her and her two companions marching up and down the stairs shouting "Hi! My name is!" I would have gone back out and continued making friends but after dealing with children and communication barriers all day I felt like a rest. Korean children are pretty cute though and surprisingly bold.


  1. Bulgar children have a similar friend making method. They usually accost with as much English as they know and then I get a kick of talking to them in Bulgarian when the convo stalls 'cause they get all embarrassed and run away.

    But man, it's exhausting sometimes.

  2. Unfortunately my Korean is terrible but, yeah. It's pretty funny.