Sunday, September 27, 2009

Onwards to victory, and other successes!

In retail-related news, the Best Buy company is opening a new store on Union Square in the big city. They've seen fit to hire me to work in that store, which will be a great supplement for my income! I might even be allowed onto the prestigious Geek Squad, a responsibility I've trained for all these long years. So I'm in a pretty great mood, thanks to this unexpected turn of events. The long string of rejections, unreturned calls, and icy interviews was getting me down to say the least. These are hard times to be looking for work, but at least I'm receiving a first class lesson in dealing with disapointment.

I've ranted at some length as to how awesome this apartment is. My expectations have been exceeded yet again, however, as I've learned that my neighbor is a director in a New York theater company! I was out back watering the plants when this gentleman literally physically grabbed me and dragged me into his apartment to meet his cast, who were in the middle of a highly spirited party. Long story short, there was intense carousing, beer pong, flip-cup, adorable puppies, and I got free tickets to the show. It seems like the NYC culture I've been neglecting to this point is practically falling into my lap. And would you believe it, one of the actresses went to my high school! Considering Gill St. Bernards (as hoity-toity as it sounds) had a graduating class of about 40 people, this was rather unlikely- but it's a small world, and I keep running in to people I knew back in the day. It seems Hoboken/Union City is really the upcoming place. If I had a half million dollars, I'd buy property here. This neighborhood is going to gentrify so fast it'll make your head spin. I'll bet the first Starbucks will open within a year. This place is due for a visit from the leprechaun of gentrification.

So, in short- I got a job, I got free tickets, and I made some friends. Good news!

Also, plans are in the works for a visit to Korea, bankrolled at least in part through birthday cash. OMG.

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